Charaka has been working as a Therapist, Healer and Teacher for thirty years. In addition, she is an artist and much of her artwork is based on the insights she discovers during constellations and healing work.

Her love and dedication to Family Constellations began in 2000. She has trained with the founder of the work, Bert Hellinger, and many other excellent teachers.

With many years of experience training therapists and teaching different modalities of healing, including Colour Puncture, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Meditation Retreats, she is able to hold a powerful and clear heart space.

Since moving to the peaceful countryside of West Wales in 1999, Charaka home educated her two children and obtained a First Class Honours degree in Ceramics.

When she’s not travelling or working, Charaka spends her days at home in the garden
growing vegetables and flowers, cooking healthy food, walking the beautiful beaches, doing her daily yoga practice and creating artwork which is exhibited in local galleries from time to time.

She currently gives one-to-one sessions from home in Wales, Skype sessions with
distant clients, and holds Constellations workshops all over the UK and abroad.

If you would like to organise for Charaka to visit your city or country, please email the
following address.
Charaka welcomes the opportunity to facilitate workshops internationally.