This work can benefit anyone, because in some way we are all entangled.

It may help you with issues involving financial difficulties, career uncertainty or inability to achieve what you want in life, business relationships and dynamics, relationship problems, loneliness, making choices, difficulties between parents and children, bereavement, health issues or illnesses.

Constellations work with previous events from past generations that can have an effect or disturbance on



of the family


  • Early deaths of parents or grandparents
  • Stillbirths, miscarriages, abortions or the death of a child
  • Sickness or death of the mother during a birth
  • Adoptions, illegitimate children or abandonment
  • Suicide or suicide attempts
  • Crimes, e.g. murder, incest, abuse, violence
  • Family Injustices, e.g. inheritance money cheats, or riches at the expense of others
  • A family member made into the role of the ‘Black Sheep’
  • Addictions e.g. drugs, alcohol
  • War, genocide
  • Immigration
  • Illnesses, both physical and mental health issues