“May I come to a Constellation workshop if I have a mental illness?”

Yes of course you are very welcome, however you may want to have a licensed therapist there with you for support, for which there will be no extra charges. If they are unable to attend or you feel you do not need them to come with you, please consult them before you come to a workshop. Please do not hesitate to call Charaka to discuss your personal situation privately and confidentially before attending a workshop.

“Is it still possible to do a Constellation if my family members are deceased?”

Yes, those who have passed away are still very much a significant part of the dynamic. Members of the group will represent the members of your family. Constellations are worked with on a soul level.

“How do you recognize when family entanglements are operating? Are there characteristic signs or signals that indicate that someone would benefit from a Constellation?”

Unfinished situations from the past express themselves in later relationships in the form of impulsive inappropriate actions and inappropriately intense feelings. Whenever a person displays unusually intense emotions or behaviours that aren’t understandable in terms of the current situation, you can suspect that there is a systemic entanglement of some kind.

“How can Family Constellations help me if I have a serious disease
or a long term illness?”

Constellations can allow the possibility to look at the deeper dynamic behind an illness, and investigate if it is coming from a systemic issue. It can uncover a great deal about the emotional stresses that lie with the illness and provide a great support. Charaka has worked with clients with Cancer and other serious health issues. It does not promise a cure to the illness, because each individual is very different as illnesses can be multi-dimensional. Charaka believes that with any serious illness, it is always good to support the healing process in many different ways.

“I don’t know my real parents as I’m adopted, am I still able to do a Constellation?”

Most certainly, the Constellation work will help you to get in touch with the roots of who you are and will give you a place to heal the gaps you may feel by not knowing your family.

“I’m having some business issues at the moment, would Constellations be of benefit to me?”

Yes, many people have resolved  financial or business related matters by doing Constellation workshops; it does not always need to be family related.

“I’m wondering if I can do the work one-to-one as I am a little bit nervous about attending a course that involves group work, is this possible?”

The workshops are a place where you can feel safe, secure and supported, where each issue is treated with care and confidentiality.  Each person who comes along is feeling a little nervous,  so it is a very non-judgmental and loving environment. However, if you really feel you would prefer it worked through privately, one-to-one sessions with Charaka are available.

“Can I attend if I am pregnant?”

Yes you may attend, but please make sure you advise Charaka that you are pregnant beforehand.

“Are their any age restrictions to attend a workshop?”

Not at all. Any age is welcome, old or young. Charaka works with all ages, as she has seen some profound and positive changes occur for the children and teenagers that have attended her workshops. She often works with the parents for issues with younger children or even teenagers, so they do not need to attend.

“What are the different types of conscience?”

Conscience is the dynamic force that lies behind the difficulties and the issues that we observe when working systematically.

There are three types of conscience, personal, systemic and greater.

Personal Conscience serves in our group bonding within the family, or in social groups. It helps us know what can and will be tolerated within any group. This conscience ties us to our families. The individual can experience this as feelings of guilt or innocence.

System Conscience relates to the bonds connecting the members of the family group, this also extends though time and across distances, so that members of the family are linked to other members long deceased or far away. Systemic conscience is shown mostly as the effect of harm that passes from one generation to the next.This conscience is powerful effects on our daily lives and moves often though our unconscious actions.

Conscience of the Greater Whole is a level beyond good and evil, guilt and innocence. Understanding this conscience is a spiritual movement.