A mother whose young son did not want to go to school and was suffering extreme headaches for a few years:

“What an amazing experience, I feel lifted and lighter somehow. I am absolutely delighted to be able to say that Henry has had no sign of even a mild headache, let alone a migraine since I last saw you. I could hear Henry downstairs this morning singing to himself and his schoolwork seems to be improving also. I am so very grateful to you and long may it continue.I have also been clear of migraine headaches and if I was going to get one, I would have expected it after our constellation work as it was an quite an intense day. When is the next one?”


A mother searching for help and guidance with her own and her son’s mental health issues:

“I was completely bowled over by my first experience of a Family Constellation yesterday. I never imagined it could be so powerful and
inspirational. Thank you so much. You were obviously destined to run these workshops.”


Always feeling like an outsider:

“Dear Charaka,

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to take part in the whole day and I was amazed by the revelations made, very helpful!
The last session of the day was the best for me with the meeting of all my siblings; initially I was so overwhelmed, but after it made me extremely happy. On the way home I have been smiling all the way and thinking about my place in the family with all the different characters. I feel I have reclaimed my position; I don’t have to be the victim/underdog anymore and was wonderfully grateful for all the warmth and appreciation of my brothers and sisters. I could go on about it but somehow I am unable to put my great feelings into words. Thank you again.”


Wanting to feel a better connection with her Mother:

“I am writing to you to say thanks very much for all the work you have done, since the last constellation I feel more happy and free! With all my love.”


Wanting a better relationship with his Father:

“I found Constellations to be a very powerful approach to cutting through old family issues and ties that continue to exert unwanted and negative influences on our lives.

I was surprised to find that a whole aspect of family dynamic can be explored over a time period as short as ten minutes, or as long as an hour and a half. There was invariably a sense of resolution at the end. Within a week I had received so many obvious positive signs that the process had had a transforming effect on my relationship with my father. This had never occurred in the last 30+ years! Within 3 months, he came to stay for a week, and our relationship has become one in which we can finally talk about issues that previously would have been simply impossible. He has since come to stay on four further occasions over the past three years, this from a man who spoke barely six words a day to me when I was between the ages of 12 and 20!

Charaka has a deep and profound understanding of this process. She brings a unique, caring and supportive approach so that the participant feels safe and encouraged to explore the patterns being shown in their constellation. In addition, for anyone not willing to open themselves in a way that many would find threatening, which is often the case in other types of development work, this is a wonderfully non-invasive and gentle way to look at issues which may be having a damaging effect on everyday life. After my initial experience, I have returned for other weekends, each time finding myself profoundly touched by witnessing other people’s struggles and change, by the caring way Charaka leads the group, and by my own participation in the Constellations of others. I cannot recommend this work enough, and Charaka is an extremely able interpreter of it.”


Searching for inner peace:

“Hi Charaka

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last Sunday’s Family Constellations group. I found the process fascinating and I feel I really benefited from the whole event but especially from the work I did on my own issues. My goal was to find ‘inner peace’ and I really feel something has shifted for me since then. I have definitely felt a lightness in the past week that I haven’t felt for a long time. Thank you.”


A story of a mother and her child:

“Before my Constellation work, I couldn’t imagine the relationship between my son and I could be any different. I had never felt a connection or bond with him and I blamed myself for being a terrible mother. I found it so painful to be with him that I considered letting his father have him full time. After doing Constellations, I now feel our connection is strong, the bond between us touches and moves me and I feel him in my heart. I have a beautiful son of whom I am proud to be his Mum, and I feel he really loves me as his Mum. I feel blessed.


~All names have been changed to protect identities~