Space Clearing or Home Reading means working with your home as a means for understanding and transforming your life. Charaka now shares her knowledge and experience with others on an individual basis. This work can be used not only to enjoy a clear and happier living space but also in order to help clear a property so it can sell easily. The work would include 1 or 2 sessions preparation for space clearing, performing space clearing, and then working with the individual to
understand the insights from the space clearing. The times it takes depends on the size of the house and the needs of the individual.

Personal Story – Space Clearing

Space clearing – enjoying your house – turning it into a home – selling your house. These are issues that concern all of us throughout our adult lives. Most of us, when we think of trying to improve the quality of our houses, think in terms of cosmetically improving the appearance by decorating, changing the furniture, changing our kitchen or bathroom etc. Space clearing, as practised by Charaka, is the skill of changing the atmosphere in the home from one that has perhaps become flat (due to illness, constant arguments, previous occupants etc.) to one of vibrant, health promoting and vital energy. We have all experienced both
extremes on entering a house – either we quickly feel down, have lowered energy, and feel depressed, or alternatively we feel more alive and re-charged. Charaka uses the four elements of water, fire, earth and air in various rituals, after the house has initially been given a thorough spring-clean/de-clutter. She will advise on simple, often subtle low cost changes which can help bring the various aspects of the house harmonically together. Offerings are then made, placing the four different elements in parts of the house. Bells and chants are used to assist the ceremony. Does it work? This is of course the big question, and can only be
answered very much so! I moved into a mid-terraced house which I had
purchased from a couple who had only partially finished the renovation before they separated. I changed many of the aspects of the house over the next two years, and then my own relationship ended acrimoniously. I wanted to sell the house, and Charaka suggested space-clearing first, adding that she could feel the
unresolved conflict energy still present in some areas of the house. After the
initial consultation it became very clear to me that a) a massive de-clutter was necessary, b) two previously unpainted rooms needed to be painted and c) various small changes in the position of furniture and changing the mini-conservatory from a storage to a useful living space needed to be done. The first phase was completed according to Charaka’s advice, and I immediately noticed a difference in the house energy levels and my own. The second phase involved further minor changes and the use of space clearing. Finally, the big test, putting the house on the market. I had my own personal idea of the value of the house – a figure of around £275k which two estate agents I consulted thought high, but not
unreasonable and attainable. Charaka had suggested a figure of £320k which was initially simply out of my comfort zone, but I then reconsidered and asked the estate agent to go for £299k, even though the estate agent who originally sold me the house thought this too high. The house went on the market on a Wednesday and on Friday, before even appearing in the newspaper, the first person to view the house offered the full asking price! In effect, I had increased my own value of the house’s worth by £24k and had I listened to Charaka, I feel sure that this could have been even more – perhaps even an additional £20k more! There is an
interesting postscript to this story. My daughter and I were so happy and
comfortable in the house that we really didn’t want to move. The house had truly become a home and it was only reluctantly that we finally moved out.